Thursday, June 30, 2016

I starved the dormant trenches
for curiosity's sake and
wrestled with a boar at Koke'e
  the swamp was covered in mist
   we heard twenty dogs barking
 and a white egret flew overhead 
   there was no more poke to eat
   our shoes were covered in red mud
       I ate musubi and watched
an old movie

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

the captured phrase
 a monster
striving for thoughts of
 simple sadness
          adrift in the desert
          sand for miles
              hot dry air
                      what is this about
 fuck if I know
             the monster
             he opens a
river in his mind and drinks
 and it is night
                   two bedouins see him and shoot at him
from their Range Rover
     he throws the car down a sand dune
           they climb out and run away

       under the brilliant
  Milky Way

Monday, June 06, 2016


step up 
                i have no one
 two tell 
                   the secret 
 of the 
                  too much 
          too much 
             stick with me 
                      i'm sleeping 
                   and smoking 
                             burning the house 
                                 up or down 
                                    i'm burning the house 

Saturday, June 04, 2016

I thought there was no end 
no end 
 at all
 I thought I saw a wall
 no wall 
you fell
I thought you were the one 
 so fun 
no one 
 I thought I had it all
too tall 
what gall!
I thought the brakes would hold 
too late 
we rolled 
I thought the sky was blue 
so true!
such blue 
I thought the day was done 
just now 
no sun
 I thought the moon was gone 
it seemed 
 so wrong 
I thought I'd go outside
and play 
and hide 
I thought the street was clear 
a truck 
oh dear 
I thought my shirt looked good
the mirror 

Friday, June 03, 2016

well timed 
         the abbreviation
 her cashflow thinking was 
                          she regulated pleasure 
                      a little here 
         maybe some tomorrow-
              she stacked organic nectarines
                       and watched tv
                        a western 
                                                            "C'mon Miss Audra, Nick is in trouble!"
and hoofbeats 
      she yawned

drifted by thenow empty
won't get laid guys house
     'nstarted tothink
   we should really be morethoughtful
but that oldwoman's
  always trying to sell us chinese parsley

he stepped
she supped
 so stoic in his cadmium reds
          she put the sheep to bed
                       and dreamt of electronic watches

a stolid 
of effacement 
the time travelers dilemma 
    some skies are repeats 
              the birds know this 
                        there are only certain amount of skies 
 and they have names for them 
 today was called a blue smog