Wednesday, February 24, 2016

 mal contents 
                                 stewarding the hubris 
   sweet boredom 
    laugh at the song 
                                     tap your foot 
                       stidgeon feaders
                                     stoly-brook institoot
slim leary
and his babbling brook
      post rappers
for the security
bark is worse than its bark
   sleeves of grass
  Ward Cleaver Whitman
                              I sing the body phone electric cancer causing
          please stop
               can't you?
                            no i can't !

War Machines ©2006 D. Norris

Monday, February 22, 2016

slow boat

mirror water

slipping on the cement
 no nothing
             the sun
is burning my skin
some prison 
barred and pegasus
the rolling elf dream
it makes sense , right?
 captain ate too much peanut butter
now he's dead 
the patched cadillac
 sweet ride 
forty years old 
 there was a time though 
 kill or be killed
we didn't ask to be here
this was not on my program on channel five
we are the enemy 
bomb hanoi
the sinking tower of underground tunnels               
au contraire 
mon ami 
                                           is still on celluloid
        the sky doesn't bend 
                          earth is a cypher 
                the muniverse
 is a transit 
     black hole 
                 there's enough time 
    for Tuesday 
   see, the gathering of acorns 
   and closets 
                         there's a river of scenic wonder 
just Switzerland 
 I don't know 
              why are you asking? 
                      you could make money 
picking up race tabs 
I read about it in the New Yorker


Sunday, February 21, 2016

I have nothing to say 
or do I?
that's the problem 
I'm not sure
 but that's not interesting
 no one cares about nothing 
or about being unsure
it's weak
and uninteresting
 everyone has something to say 
 I know because I hear them
saying stuff
 like the guy with Boston Bruins jacket
to his credit he didn't talk about hockey
 what did he talk about
I don't remember
so it couldn't have been that interesting 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

I stole the rankled myths
 from a thousand dollar bill
           carried an acreage of land
 to the hospital
   slept in a wheelbarrow
              now the sky is blue
                and I have to go home

Monday, February 15, 2016

Saturday, February 13, 2016

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

From the series: California
some farce 
lost in the event 
you casually 
 whilst reminding an 
-your swim trunks 
 are torn 
                             and you just bought them 
                  still drinks are on the house  
 that's irrelevant 
 like time & space 
 we're whirling through the galaxy at 
   650,000 mph 
               and you're complaining I can't sit still?

             on the side
                                                     of a digital mountain

 the waves
        that Einstein
          like sounds
   from a fifties space movie
                 there is no way


see whole mountains
    explosions rock
 the ground

     Bombs Kill
                                                           whats that it didn't happen here
fragmented moral
               ethical tributaries
                         dried up
                          the blood
      is singing
  when we die
the wind is our enemy
how it hates us
       the sky too
    shuns our company
  actually the sky likes us
     so banana boats
                  and Laika
a dead dog in space


                                 you out

laugh tracks
          in the sunshine
        it's so
    gorgeous out


the circumference of fear
  pi r squared

    you know
   do the math
it's dark in space
                                light a candle
and curse the darkness
             it's ignorance-
no it's just plain old hate
              it isn't rocket science -
     can't fix people can you?
                              there's fixin to be done
    by everyone-
                 meditate on that a while
          - lost fountain of youth
                           did you steal my protractor?
          don't poke your eye out
                     Mr McGuiness


           foreign bodies
                 sands of whispers
            the draft eyed blues
                   someone passed the baton
                                 and the door was open
                the dogs are barking
                      it was just a grin
                             don't mistake it
                     "WE CAN MAKE THE TRAIN"
                       some are left
lying in the shade
   trying to stay cool
                      meanwhile snow banks pile up
    so you can't even find your car
  "yeah I love shovelling snow"
said by no one ever


the pistol pete
   shoot from the hip
                    who did he play for ?
 I'm sleeeeeepy


From the series: Photos taken from SF galleries

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

                    cake fish head
jumpin the tracks 
                at Bass Lake
             the needle skipped
          but you're a wasted 
                    one eyed jew
   singing Mr Bojangles
               I'm a Sherman tank 
          or the back seat 
on a one way ride to 7-11
   slap that money down boys
         we got time
                 something seems like a road 
                       there's a story here
 but too late to tell
 I guess
 you can guess
 open the window
   you can see the dark sky tonight 
   the sun will be shining tomorrow

Monday, February 08, 2016

From the series: California
Elaine killed her lover
   he was a Spaniard
            worked in an olive oil plant
                           drank sweet white wine
                                 and drove an old Avanti

                                        she stabbed him with a kitchen knife

they said she went crazy
     her husband
               had her put in a sanitorium
                              and medicated
                        after 6 months she broke out
 and fled to the Azores
   and later Uruguay
                  someone said she married a German
 who had a large ranch
          in the mountains
                            but I think she was a whore

I had
no brokerage
 knotty pine
                        Elm was my lover
                                     deep firs
                                                 across the chapparal
                  ground squirrels
                                   and barn owls

to the
     deep rivers 
                         hey that's my line!
  there's no remington typewriters 
 on 34th st
have to 
  swim for it

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Saturday, February 06, 2016

the benny's 
      are misgiven 
   you got two valium 
              but only took one 
                                                           "keep out of my goodies"
so that's a beautiful view 
                      you can see the power plant at Moss Landing 
          the shudders were white 
                              with little pine trees cut out in the middle
                                                             stacked against the wall 
                                         we walked to the redwood grove 
                        soft ground and a great harmonious feeling 
   they really are alive 
                                 sentient beings  
a family all growing from the same root system 
                but the kids don't take drugs and wreck the car
                      (big pants people)


sloppy the sun
pleased to meet you
I have forgotten
the rhyme
it was synonomous
    or something

        the echo
  Straits of Gibraltar
            on to Tangier

I am a robusto coffee bean
     grind me
                            and pour hot water through me
    I left the all caps world
   in my spaceship
called poppyseed muffin
     you have forgotten
or have you?
    oh the needless worrying
         stop it
just stop it
          I am a glacier
slowly dying
    sloppy the sun
         is sad
              but cannot help me
and the wind is high
    blowing my mind
 like a grapefruit
    the state of Texas

under the purview 
of the state 
                 the sign
            the carry all
   the walk on 
                         under the mattress
                 below the sight of many 
there are no innocent people 
                 except most 

                     sleeping in a pile of leaves 
                          the smell of burning leaves
                   for covers

                              you wished for a simple guess 
                and then you woke up
          and you were still sleepy
                            thats right 
                        walk the line
                               carry a river bed 
                to the rain
                        run for your life 
                                   or walk 
bring me a pizza 
or a new car


Friday, February 05, 2016

I didn't bet the farm

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Donald Trump

but they took it anyway

                                You didn't wash the car

but it rained money

                             death in Afghanistan
         summarily chosen
by economics
               and random
 " I am the epitome of white
 what do you call it oh yeah privilege "
   should I arm myself to the teeth
        but I need
the money

it makes no sense
           this barrage
                    of dusty
door frames
                  and micro cephalic endo-derms
                                   in a roach clip
     but I can still believe
                                  there is a god
                                             and he is lost somewhere
                                                                    trying to find a bathroom
            or a donut shop
he isn't sad
   he isn't happy
 he just needs to take a shit
   and get a donut

the slip  the slide 
     the sun 
   the bolt in 
         the lightning
 you in the boat 
oh sinking boat! 
                 can't dredge fast enough

 sinking bed boat 
                 fueled on ambient dream waves 
                        gaia-based self regulating 
  open/closed system 
                      sinking deeper into two comforters
                           coffee based energy systems 
                                where's my phone?
 ah nature 
 where is that?
        seems to be a football league 
                          or a hockey puck
                           there's no hope for the wicked 
                                but please dress nicely 
              I'll wear sweatpants
 and hope no one punches me 
                  (that's not likely)
                political discussions 
   who needs that?
        Coffee I need 
                                                              and it's such a beautiful word
 a coffee boat 

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

stepping around
stepping down
stepping again
clean reason
clean stepping
reason the dream
the step
reason the step
             dream dream dream dream
don't step on reason
don't step goose step
again and again
    step around
and my head spins

     no more thinking
the clean steps
        no more dreaming


          too much!
                now now now

   step one:
remove the reason
  Step two:

step three:

    get the fuck out
there are no angels
are there
    biscuit head?
please look again
   the yardstick is
still here

stupid haiku
    the car
won't start
a ford edsel
parked in front
you shower

black haiku
      for the spider
         in it's web 

steep pitch
the sight
             slay the
 in elusiveness
  deep prison
      you should wander
you should seek
  you should shoulder
the burden
          clothes washed
and folded
no not that
                  where does the car go when it leaves
              desolation wilderness
                It's cold out there
  you would die

             he broke the window breaking into the cabin

my adventures were far more tepid
                 I never got lost on the side
of a snow covered mountain

             where does the time go

             you can't worry about that
          did you clean the kitchen
                      did the children eat
                                          so much war
      and suffering
        for some reason
who plays the blame game

   everybody it seems knows
   even Kathleen
                   living in London


Monday, February 01, 2016

I wandered the back forest 
paddled aimlessly down
the nowwegotyou river
sat in an elf circle 
found a felt hat 
(this part is true)
smoked leaves 
and stems 
 saw the white bull break down the fence 
got lost in a back alley 
somewhere in Spain
watched her black eyes 
watch me 
asking questions 
until I laughed and bought 
a red shirt 
I slipped on the wet street 
and landed in a puddle 
she laughed at me 
and said you're a disaster always 
this cheered me up
and I ran to the nearest bar 
keep to the left 
                                                   mean streets 
keep borrowing 
          take the highway 
or an airplane 
                take a hot bath
                         stir a martini 
               and listen 
   "There's GOLD in the seams by 
               ignore that shit 
                           get some paints and 
go to another 
                    beach bar 
                                       send emails 
                             to dear abby 
                                   yours truly,
stubbed toe
dear stubbed toe...