Wednesday, November 23, 2016

1.Toaster Life

some tortured response
   the bride stripped bare 
          even in Philly 
       take a look 
                                                peek through the little hole
          she's holding a lantern 
                             near the waterfall
                                        but stop coughing
                     you smoke too much 
      thirteen and a half 
                     just do it the way it is
                        (I need to get out of bed)

2. Mesmerized Bye and Bye

street sweepers singing 
         Amy Winehouse 
    "I said no, no, no."
      I think you left your 
hiking boots in the car 
        but there's nothing there now 
            they stole everything 
                   You better move it or it WILL get towed 
                                       go buy some goat cheese 
                                     and we'll have lunch

3. The Ache of Patterson N.J.

twenty two shootings already this month
"That won't stop ME from going!"
                              this after the car got towed 
      - home of the american dream
-now a shit hole 
  - National Park in the middle 
    of what
 a mess 

Monday, November 21, 2016

  architecture of 
     dressed in prosaic gallahad-ness
       streaming live 
from the window 
 the birds are fighting 
in the pond
   tourists pedal by laughing 
   I watch the sunlight dapple on
the water surface wondering how when 
I am facing it