Saturday, February 11, 2017

a semi vacant reprisal 
of what 
 the moon 
              full moon 
      it eclipsed earlier 
 they said 
        how does the moon eclipse at 4:44 pm?
 it wasn't even up until like 7 o'clock
                              that's some bullshit right there 
                                 that's what that is

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Punxsatawny saw his
   the bleak winter
the bleak twitter
of our discontent
    six more weeks
if that were all
  we sit indoors
and snow
      sleeping with
bad dreams

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

             the whittled end of a sharp 
 a poke in the eye 
                   it seems 
             but it could be Mahler 
         or Stravinsky
 this song has no right or wrong 
    the side entrances are locked 
                                           we should be in the know 
                                            should is a strong word 
        for some 
but it doesn't stop us
       - we keep on 
  - we persist 
                    even though 
    we were warned -
    Fuck that loofa-faced 
shit gibbon!
like flowers 
             the south china sea 
                the wind is a military base 
                we eat pork buns 
                                        and read the packaging 
              being a lost soul
    has it's advantages

                                                          have to move the car today   
                        there has to be 
                  but no 
 they ain't 
          drop them easy D trax 
                      gotta do them easy d taxes
 as the french say 
        the rain 
    this ain't no nothing

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

    - egads-
 who stops traffic
like that
the breach
    configured elliptically 
                                       dressed in brown loafers
    standing in a puddle 
                                        reading the New Haven Record
 and munching on a Baby Ruth
                          said when I was in the Rangers 
                                               we swam olympic sized pools in full gear and pack
    but the shrine was still empty 
      too much rain 
the colorful days were written somewhere else 
 the bald headed buddhists
    were trying to sweep out the mud 
          from the temple 
falling in the water
I went back to the hotel 
                 for a drink

Thursday, January 26, 2017

      of such
and apoplectic
    vox populi


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I'm afraid I rambled  
       but it's ok
    the tombs 
               the turrets 
      the blazing streets of 
     the city 
      we longed for a breeze 
          and settled for a beer 
               we threw the letters in the trash 
                                        while you rifled through the boxes of old raincoats 
                     i found a walkman with a tape in it
      but the tapes were demagnetized 
and all we could hear was 
 Spiro Agnew
      the police were knocking down the door next door 
   and we climbed out the fire escape 
                    there was a naked woman on the street 
        you gave her your hat 
we bought tickets for the raffle 
hoping to win a giant house in the suburbs 
                               where we could eat japanese food 
   and drink cold rice wine 


great grafted tubers  
   the spitting image of his
incessant need to talk
   but besides that everythings ok
how are you
semblance of a veneer
 the purgatory was held in his hands 
 he swept the floorboards 
and polished the submarine 
 the dogs had passed away years ago
but the bowls were still there
the mystery
there is no mystery
   except why
in the blink of an eye
   eyewitness testimony is notorious
  but the car was blue
     his coat was grey
like the civil war all over again

Thursday, January 19, 2017

there is nothing to 
worry about 
     everything will be ok
  the prez said so friend said -
his glucose went to 
he was asleep 
         glucose meter alarm going off -
    said he was in a white room
  and the feeling was 
                  everything is ok
                       his girlfriend fed him honey while he was passed out 
                               so i guess everything was ok