Saturday, August 27, 2016

 The return
Of your soul
From whatever devil
Stole it
 I understand
It's all relative
  But that might just be
One or more
 Of them
  Or not
Say what you will
  "People do what they do."
She said
 And I couldn't agree more
But that's a Wednesday morning
Way of looking at things
  And it's not yet Saturday morning,
It's really all about New Jersey
Or maybe some patent office in Lucerne
  Time and tide
 And all that
   Some day they'll invent space travel
Where everybody ages the same
Like Star Trek
The relative time train
What train are we on
Time trains going every possible direction
 Betty and Barny Hill
   Met a conjunction, an anomaly,
An anomalic protrusion, occlusion
 And I can see it
The skies here
Seem somehow perfect for it
  Did I get derailed here?

Friday, August 26, 2016

In bifurcated
Circadian rythmns
Sleeping on the off beat
Beating the
Sleep stop
See saw
 Did I
My dream
 "Do you have the receipt?"
"I paid in ambient dream cycle."
"Uhm, well try the third floor."
   Third floor was no good
Too much thumping on the ceiling
With a broom stick
 Did you sweep with her?
 She swept and the tears were like dreams

Buying jujubes
In Berlin
   So hard
They stick to the teeth
    No hoodies
No sunglasses
 No hats
 No tellers
    No money orders
Dude in bank
 Says they pulled
A bazillion pounds
Of lobstah
  Last year
 Can't fish for cod or ?
   There's nothing hardly left
But now the lobsters are blowing up
Jane says eat two
  And littleneck clams
The slings
  Of one eared
Just the left
Just the left

Thursday, August 25, 2016

I'm leaving
This echoey
Full of sand traps
And alligators
Theres's a way they
Drop there r's
And pick them up somewhere else
But for
Now the
Are beautiful
There's beer
And little sweet
Girls who read books
And fight over
And coffee
Its morning
   Waiting to go have breakfast
In grandma b&b
My mother has no emotions
The need to walk
   And not eat
  Or fried
   Boats of reason
    The need to see
The green
 Of the back of my mind
Floating away
Or floating
  In a bit
    The act of
  After Duffy
 Strikes out
 "I'll take the sandwich to go."
The need to
     Drive fast
On a
Mountain windy road
  In a silver hybrid
  And then
The stained
Photos  like some kind
  Fence rust in granite
 And a hotel reservation

Sunday, August 21, 2016

East coast poems
   The turnpike
  A bowl of steamers
  A waitress
Talking slow
  So I can understand
Go to Rockport or Gloucester
Drive on 95
  Keep going
Maybe to Dave Colbert's
Place on the north
Or head to Vermont on 302
  Thru the New Hampshire mountains

Turnpike toll plaza
  Toll taker is a skinny
Middle aged black man
  Whose eyes are a familiar
 Mix of red, dissolution, and intelligence
We all stop to pay


Four more
-she left a voicemail
  looked for an hour
  After I bitched
About her and
The towel
There weretwo times
Separate volitions
 Unmarred  vying
 ... The stage
The stag
The sturgeon
Bijou and
 Frederick known as
  ... Drank himself to death(((
  And ermine
Sure Douglas senior
  Was the father
Turned time
And time again

Buried fruit in the backyard
The forks were bent eight degrees
   Five grand minus the 
Four hundred
  Give to Geoff
  And ride it 
Four degrees to
Where you want to be
The fire

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The old guy
Drank two martinis at lunch
And commented
About every fat woman that
Walked by
"Is she pregnant?"
"Look at that Corvette. He doesn't know how to park."
They forgot the fries
So I got Bourbon Pecan bread pudding on the house
"Look at her fat rolls!"
And God in Heaven
  But nowhere near
In your hand
  Or the sound
 What sound the
Of a sense
  Of profound
Well yes sometimes
   Just dont make me
Go there again
To Dunkin Donuts?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

  He fucked the muse
And was born
  In and for sidewalks
 Drinking a dark beer
At 10 am
 On MacDougall & Bleeker
    Thousands passed by
Sitting between two cars
  Smoking a tossed cig

There were two views available;
     One of sadness,
   The other of hope
    I chose the view less trammeled
 I think it was channel 54

Five pound bag of Cacahuates
   and a dying dog
  I'm drinking a Japanese beer in a can
In a brown wrapper
  In a chinese restaurant called Funland
  Eating kung pao chicken with peanuts
   No liquor sales at restaurants in this
1 mile square town
  So I went across the street
 And got a beer
    A Ukrainian woman with blondish hair
Was buying two bottles of red wine
 Two packs of Tareyton 100's
  And a roll of Rollaids
I got one too
She said "Always a good idea"
In a thick heavy smoker accent
And smiled.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Emiko's name got changed to Wilma
On the big Island after Pearl Harbor
  Most Hawaiian born moved back to Hawaii but one Japanese guy liked the skiing too much here in the states
  There was no beer drinking in the matsuwa food court
 Nor nigori sake drinking
In the am we chopped down the bamboo
That was blocking the stairs
And the bridge
  No one noticed
Then we got in the Camry and drove
Across the bridge to the Cloisters
  But no one was ever cloistered there
 John D Rockefeller bought a ships worth
Of medieval columns, buttresses, moulding, stone relief carvings, tombs,
Reliquarires, tapestries, paintings, chalices, sculptures, and
What not and had built a medieval cloister on the banks of Hudson river
Near the George Washington bridge, which,
The bridge that is, a year older than Emiko.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Mercury advances
Swift carrion of a day
   Purple eyed
     And water tower stories
"There was one just like that next to the house"
 "I want to live in a water tower." I said
"I'll put windows in."
  "Do what you want." she said
     As she drew
Her grandfathers painting in the Whitney
   Purple lips
    Danny Lyon
Was there in a photograph
The only one I looked at
 Too tired
    And mercury was calling
"Come out in the heat"
"We'll walk the highline but don't
Give money to the panhandlers."
  We went to the gypsy cafe
She was 95 and she had the waffles
They looked good
Somehow her American Express card
Got lost
  Mercury hadn't touched it
We searched the underground parking lot
  The old greek attendant smiled and
Told me to put out my cigarette
"Yes, yes I will!"
 We left the store
I bought a pin
It said