Monday, March 27, 2017

case of the 
     beer case 
the rick mondays
          sleep in you bastard 
they're drilling 
                         and cutting next door 
so simple 
but so difficult 
ah the point is...
  somehow I hurt my arm
not sure what I did 
  I know...
the air 
feels cold 
               the concrete work went 
                                           a hundred thousand over budget 
   but they patched our walkway 
                my housemate says they drain the
casting pools in GG park
one week a year for cleaning
                                  so he's going down to skateboard
I have to take my movies 
back to the library 
   $.10 per day 
$5. maximum for adult items
                      (no, not like that- it's the LIBRARY)
and I have to move the car

Sunday, March 26, 2017

I was done yesterday
up until 5 am
  playing dice
one four twentyfour
drinking bourbon with club soda
in a tiny glass
I couldn't get bluetooth to find the music player
someone's ankle got twisted
 I hadn't shaved
 Growel was there
   and a guy with a hat
playing loud music at 4 am
  I think it was raining
we all stumbled out at the same time
time to go

oh I had a thought
but now it's gone
  dammit all
 how quick it

oh bugger
see the way it goes 
down under the river 
with free flowing currents 
exceed the breath 
 and sink 
 and deeper 
    to the surface 
the sidewalk is for walking 
                     I'm watching the man with the cat on his shoulder 
           regarding the scene
                  everyone judges 
                so there's that 
   it's not for anyone or everyone 
  what does that mean 
deeper G
much deeper!
    only no, not deeper
wrong again 
  see the swimming swimmer 
see him swim 
swim swimmer!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

the sunlight 
        great clouds 
    so you got cold 
    it was windy 
The March hare 
                        will cut your feet in half!
              March is windy 
              a weather poem
                                                 slightly depressed- chance of mild bouts of happiness 
continuing into the evening
 but it was cold!
         So bright outside
       Lao Tse 
was a poet
  wandering tree lover
stuff like that
   wandering the mountain crags 
                 jumping from rock to rock
           but the rain!
       and a warm pot of tea, right?
he drank lots of tea
maybe he worked at the Imperial Court
                                                    "The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao"
It's not? it's like dark matter?
                       is the temporal also eternal 
yu and wu 
"The Tao abides in non-action,
Yet nothing is left undone."
attain that which precedes duality
  hmm huh?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

  and what  
the french  ruled
   beware the tides 
the winds 
   the flies in august 
the summer in NY
   the last macaroon
foreign films
      the backseat crumbs 
          don't shake that kombucha 
              oh sad day 
  twilight hours 
    the forgotten strips of film
 in envelopes and boxes
  oh I'm wandering through it again
pots of calling kettles
    seeing the what in the why
           the water at the edge of the mud
     footprints leading through the snow 
but I could fly!
     don't let it get you down
                                   but the guitar needs to be set up
   the strings are old maybe
 tune it to a fretted note

Saturday, March 18, 2017

down the manhole ladder
the smell of cold air 
rushing out 
reminding of an old building from somewhere in the past
Alice adjusted the toolbelt and shone her headlamp into the darkness
a flash 
a flurry and quickly
 a scurry 
what bright eyes you have 
 a ten foot bunny 
with a satchel of money 
 "I've robbed the First National, 
now off to buy carrots.
Carrots, carrots,
LOTS of carrots!"
Alice got on her phone to the office 
to report the situation
and then thought the better of it 
'I've a job to do and 
I'll do it well.
No need to talk or 
to tell."
She followed instructions 
to a "T"
in the tunnel and accordingly went left 
'One half kilometer
or is it a mile
darn it I've lost my state of thought,
ah here it is."
the electrical panel was clearly misused
the metal door was broken and abused.
'Now who could have done such a lowly thing?'
she gave it a tap
and it gave a ring
the wires were all in such disarray
"I might need to be here
' least half a day."

drums outside
   my van was stolen
     and native flutes
 reminds me of the Huichol indians
    in PV
     the van was found by the police at 8th & Mission
someone was living in it
mattress, blankets,
clothes, empty soda cans,
dogfood, electronics,
used needles, a ziploc bag of half smoked cigarettes,
a brand new fancy machete,
bank statements, W2 form,
and a bunch of other stuff
I threw it all in the dumpster at the auto tow yard
the security guy took the mattress and the electronics
I kept the machete
 went and bought a steering wheel lock

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

careering down
the vague
         steered by
slowed by
    slipped by;


Fuck you Cheeto Voldemort ©2017

just hooey
  or incomplete
the teapot
   the kettle
    cutting hot peppers
my eyes hurt

catch a plane
fly the diamond sighs
      reach the regal
      puke it up
      beware the were-beast
eyes like two lemons
   i could see every detail on the moon
     but i know it's just an illusion
or is it
 every detail
on the moon
 there was something else I wanted to say
  but now I've forgotten
'words are good'

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

the missing link
 the frozen static electricity
    the frozen static
        your status
 as an ellipse
 as an elliptical
   as a turning point
  the base is stuck
and the ground
 is covered in litter
     you see the blue sky
   covering the grey clouds
       you hear the trees whisper
          the static electricity
   and crinkles
    you watch your hand move through air
         as it weaves
and wearies
 and kicks
    bolts of sun

Monday, March 06, 2017

Saturday, March 04, 2017

clinging to my brain
like a pusillanimous demagogue
  the doctor said I have pus in my nose
what the hell
 cajun flavored pus
I stole that
   from the nineties
 just got an iced coffee at Starbucks
grande iced unsweetened-
he looked at me-
 and walked home in the rain
why is the rain always sad
  I walked in the rain
the rain hammered down
stole that too
 fucking head cold

conjunction junction
fused to the
       please press a response
        get a can of Mountain Dew
the seasons are all messed up
      the lip of the reservoir is broken
 we have the means
we are the real people
   we matter
   or do we
oh hell
of course we do
   there is a beautiful world
billions and billions
of Carl Sagans
   all smoking pot
and wearing turtleneck sweaters
   billions and billions

          don't say it
                  the truth is not a conspiracy
                       uh oh
wreak havoc
   whats that oil they use
i forget
       if you like pina coladas
     la la la
oh well
 forget it
just forget it
  the window is open
there's a nice breeze
tell that guy to stop banging on the side of the house with that snow shovel
broken estuary mind games
 in circuitous curriculii
evident in passive reflexology
and green converse 
and a pack of Winstons 
                drop the gun harry 
           we know you did it 

Thursday, March 02, 2017

                                two weeks of chest cold 
laying in bed like a loser 
         still smoking 
                       like an idiot 
drink giant glasses of tea 
mint tea 
    earl grey 
               sleepy time

feed a cold they say 
so off to the store 
 to get groceries 
                        I love a sourdough baguette
  what else 
      the paper bags at the store didn't have handles 
so I threw a fit and the manager 
                          gave me a fortyniners shopping bag for free 
  squeaky wheel!