Wednesday, October 28, 2015

the Tom Swift
of bedded roses
the thyme smell that wakes you
in the backyard as the
neighbor gets evicted
    good bye neighbor who threw slugs into
our yard
 take the screaming children too
   and chop their little heads off
 are you smoking
        see i wore overalls

and drove a sunbeam alpine
 and listened to british blues
    a sorry lot really
                 I'll take Howlin Wolf
    he lost his mind
 and his memory
just fucking erased
   a shell with personality
  and photos
I smoked a lot of weed
  back then
     did it make me crazy
         maybe it did
   or was it something else
         all three of us are crazy
         was it something else

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Down by the Murdoch
  Burdock root
    Tea cups
Asymptomatic inflammation
 Relief is a quandary
 At us why don't you
  or Slevless (as the bar sign barred
And bored us
   Grammatic quandary
 Now and
Never more

Monday, October 26, 2015

 dream on the stairs
   back stairs please
no bodies here
not seemly
     clean up the broken pieces of splintery wood
white paint is chipped
 the moss is dipped
she was a stripped
a striped polka dot
she stunned
  like for fun
 somehow my back hurt
  the seemly  somehow
 the scenery
   somehow now
i have my comb
   my purse
 my mound
 somehow the light is on
  somehow I remember her
 somehow there's a
 a thought
    some ways we may have been
  some times
  concattenance purveyor
    the screed of the story minded
 somehow we strayed
from the story
somehow the sight 
 the scenery
the song
  how did it go?
 steady , steady  
on the shore
   steady steady rocky shore
steady steady
frightful and sore headed
 her socks were bad
that's sad!

the collaborationist's embryo
belief system
  star wanderer
    sleeper of soma dream
 embryo lemon biscuit
   purtenance gatherer
      seed stopper
          slinky symptomatic slayer
 of cylindrical sentences
 beverage monger
    makes hay
 says you
  says why says fuck
 oh says we
 oh why says we
  oh well says we
   fuck off says we
     fuck toff
      top of the toff
         why talk like you're british
 sleepy embryo slayer
   cup of the morning to you
   cup of the boring
   symptomatic slayer
of steady nerves
  see? saw?
  slink to the link
slay the pay
  steady as they pay
we sly the sturdy
  steadfast hurdy gurdy
wise the wherefores
whizz and whizz-key
  whys key
    wet ski
  oh and puttski
buh bye

pretty thistle 
The Earth
   Move like Job
                        this pillar of salt 
                     and perturbed 
 move the stairs 
the stones 
      the sighs 
                     the bloody whistles 
                                                move this upward belief system
                                     this mottled flesh 
 move the window 
 by the street 
move the street 
 move the antlers 
              and the stoney stares 
                    the bullet casings  
the whys and wherefores
 move the brilliant sad light 
          move the furniture 
                          and the books 
move to tears 
                            and move your rear  
move away 

Friday, October 16, 2015

secret sales
were a form of victimization
  outside the purview of parental control
somehow I got back -
 I have the Marx SuperBall™ with your initials scratched in it
tough love
 I mean tough luck!
 Once I found a gumball in a box of marbles
I remember hitting that superball with a bat at Almond Avenue.
I hit it over "the hill" from the diamond near the entrance.
 the almonds were these giant green fuzzy things
 until the green part dried up and fell off in the fall
we used sit in the trees and eat almonds
Time travel
in the form
of bubble plastic
what was that stuff you had to keep in the fridge
 some things you just don't want to see


Thursday, October 15, 2015

aah the collaboratist's
excuse the mess
 it's the maid's year off

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

the pleasure dome decreed
my spleen 
  would suffer 
               my back was against the shadow 
                              I rewrote the book of revelations 
  sooth sooth thy sayer 
        the Oracle's mouth 
             will take your hand 
                         If you should lie 
                                     but not a word was believed  
                                                                "Sycorax was left on the isle, pregnant with 
                                                                          Caliban, and died before Prospero's arrival"
would eye?
 pray now by the horses feet 
 "but they have hooves!"
        two roads diverged 
             oh ye of zero lies 
                              look into my eyes 
                       steady now 
                                                              all of Southern Pennsylvania looks to you
and the shadows are blacker today 
 with fingers readied
   "Ariel fly now"
                            the ships are to be sunk
                                 store the books now
                              Algiers awaits
steady the task at hand
                           a fortnight and still less to see
                               you wanted you waited 
                                              some clear eyed connivers
                                            selling theirs souls
 the mark was upon them;
    the sally forth
                                              the simple degrees of salesmanship
                                                warring with thoughtful hands
                                               and cotton from Africa
                                                             they spent the afternoon
                                                           but Sycorax was not to be found
oh, forget the afternoon
forget the morning
we fly by night
 and literally
flying high like a kite?
yes- exactly
    read it now
            it was written
                               "the wurm has turned"
Steady now
                                     Algiers is not what it once was 
                                       giant lions selling yogurt
                                               camels in the parking lot
                                                                         Hercules' cave is a tourist attraction
                        where is the casbah
 he stole my wallet
 American cars parked on the sidewalk
Bill Burroughs
           lived in Tangier
        Again Sycorax was either dead or in hiding
She left a note for you
       but we missplaced it
                       you can sleep on the roof
                        there's a bed up there
 the morning fajr prayer
       will wake you
                              it's tom waits on bad acid
The curious are left to fly                                                
         we braced in bad weather                                  
 and jumped the shark
                                                  there were no morning or afternoon guides
                   down the stairs
                    you'll see 
at night we stared at the stars


Judas Escargot spilled salt on a snail.
he threw it over his left shoulder. "to get that devil"

John Crow Batty broke a stick and
  stirred the fire
   "Don't use rotten or green wood, too much smoke."
it was a hazy hot day 
 flies were buzzing around
  a goat bleated pathetically
he passed me a bottle
"Here drink this, but not too much."
His laughter was like a rock slide
 "Have you ever been to Morrocco?" He asked.
"I went there many years ago. The men wear full length skirts that have hoods covering their heads. They look like some freaky movie. They got some good hashish over there though."
The rocks slid again
"And the caterwhauling before the sun came up!  Nearly scared the crap right out of me. I thought insane man had taken drugs and was howling for the universe. Crazy shit."
He went to take a piss and the goat followed him.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

A sweet smile
  sometimes mischevious
   on film though
    but still
    everywhere he went
 he brought it with him
 his Dad got out of the service
his mom had given him to friends to look after
(she liked the party life)
 he got the boy
and they moved around the city

Across the Barometric Steppes
   Across the Rheumatoid Canyons
Steeped in bologna and cheese
into THE Oakland typewriter wars
battling the Halal provocation
with broken belts
 and artisan donut holes
 the Sears of the MIND
you're swallowed and spit out
the Great Beast Leviathan adult life
 in a hapless and confused
money for white people
pile on
good to see there's positive change
in the air

I was so tired
and keyed up
drinking wine beer
whiskey & soda
 on ice
I threw a dart
but no luck
it was a poor shot
I felt so old
it was making me uncomfortable
people looked at me strangely
I should be in a museum
 "to your left is the ancient young man, careful as you pass,
his bitterness is contagious"
 I 'm trying here, I'm really trying
I'm not gifted
  I have no voice
 except this nasally passage of time
 like a bad western
   or a song by Neil Diamond
Cracklin' Rosie get on board
  swweet dixie from pike
with her lover Ike
and a one spotted hog
  where's this going?
to a muffler shop in LA
with consideration

bandied argot
  the wise and the wherefor
studied rock formations on hallucinogens
 there's writing in the dirt
 just the rain
writing rose words
   as the sound echoes
again and again
another heads north
but I can't even see you
where are you?
right here
next to the dog
   sleepy salamanders
guard the lake shore
 we peer under rocks
an evil creature with a hundred legs
crawls out
 the buck stomped on your shorts and pissed on them
at least we found your glasses after the dog freaked out \and knocked\all your stuff\
into the cold lake
the color
so deep
like an unknown yellow
 mottled misshapen
  covered in oil and ground pepper
wash a dish
and sit down
 there's no wine
 we are staring at the sun
 until we go blind

avoidance is key
there is no choice
   sub stasis litter-rear-y
 beguine the beguine
on channel 37
not making sense
 it 's raymond
from a grey stationwagon
 the highway lights
    you sleep
      through your days
        anger and frustration
your lovers
  the diner chairs swivel
 and the coffee is bad
 you are not jack nicholson
  you will not hold the chicken between your legs
peruse thy
  remedius, remedial
the twin echoes
of fortune
betray thee
intoxicated tongue
   in cheek
the grass is greener
on our side of the fence

Friday, October 09, 2015

the pyre
 was seen in shadow
 a locus of tv stasis
   the hub-krap king
  wore an entire marching band
and bandoliers
in the shadows the rubicon
was passed

  oh fuckstick wait
 violins playing in the distance
  no just a garbage can
 the wind is snide-eyed and october
 the leaves are chasing and chaste
i'm so decayfully

tv dials
in the night
  shadows of the dials
in our tired eyes
 mouths full of dusty popcorn
salted and cheesed
 syrupy beverage at hand
the monster
  the monster
    the monster
oops I have to go pee

Sunday, October 04, 2015

scratchety myrrh 
and pigment 
                 are symbols 
 the sader 
   strings words 
                          sutures the sound
                                    strong whiskey prevails
              and suffocates reason
         stones are thrown 
                              oaths shouted
               Cars are a blur
                                                 yellow and grey and charcoal brick
a hand holds a key
                         another slaps the face
  and holds the pen


the sparks 
were from the sidewalk
we watched 
and laid our heads down
there were no rose 
colored glasses