Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chuck's dad named him that after the action hero. Not Charles, just Chuck. His Dad had a lot of guns and flags and racist jokes. Chuck hadn't seen his dad in several years after his mom got full parental rights and his dad got a stayaway order. Chuck's mom moved him from Indiana after the divorce and they lived with his grandparents. His Grampa Jim was a funny old guy and he bought Chuck comic books and took him fishing and to ball games. His grandma was sweet and liked to make beef tongue with lima beans on Sundays. Chuck hated lima beans but the tongue was good. He especially liked making tongue sandwiches with lots of mayo.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The creature stopped and looked around. He thought he heard a noise. He hated those damn dogs. He knew he was close to the evil ones with their dogs. He could smell their poop. It smelled really bad. Even their dogs poop, which was bad, was better than the evil ones.
Then he heard it. It sounded like singing. He bent down low in the shadows and waited. The singing got louder. Then he saw them. Two of the evil ones children. These two were females with long brown hair. They were singing loudly and waving their arms about. The creature waited in the brush and watched as they passed by. They were completely oblivious of his presence even though they were not twenty feet from him. 
He saw their furless skin and the clothes they were wearing. One had a pink and white striped shirt and black shorts. The other had a blue dress. He was afraid they would see him and start screaming. Then those awful dogs would chase him and he would have to kill the dogs.
The girls passed by without incident and disappeared down a dusty trail. The creature silently moved away in the opposite direction. After five minutes he could still just barely hear their singing.
It had been raining most of the day. A kind of sleepy soft Northwest rain. Jack left Clayton's Store with a full cup of coffee and some groceries. He was happy to have coffee and that he was going to Angela's. It would be nice and cozy at her funky cabin. He had about forty miles to drive on the back roads but Jack knew the way well by now.
He turned on his mp3 player and music blasted in the car.
Angela was about twenty five years old and a strawberry blonde with green eyes. She loved to laugh and Jack was excited to see her.
Jack was going about 60 m.p.h. and looking at his phone when the moose came out of the woods right into the road. It was running and wild eyed and it was right in front of him. He didn't have time to think.
He slammed the brake and swerved the steering wheel. The road was going downhill right then and the car and the moose collided with a horrific crash. The airbag in Jacks steering wheel burst open. The car and the moose went two different directions. The car careened off the road over the embankment right between two bushes and down a steep gully. The car rolled down the gully, turning over several times, before crashing at an incline into a redwood tree. Smoke and steam poured out of the open hood.
The moose wasn't dead. It was trying to move but at least one leg was broken and blood was pouring out of an open wound. It brayed loudly in pain and blood dripped out of it's mouth. It tried to drag itself off the road but then collapsed in a giant bloody heap.
Angela was making a lasagna at her cabin. The noodles were boiling. She didn't want them to get too soft so she kept checking them. The noodles were hot and hurt her finger. She shook her hand back and forth quickly.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The branch was way up high in the tree.
Raymond edged further and further out. He could see all the way to Stanley Avenue near the hill. Down below some kids were throwing tan bark at each other.
The wind was blowing and the branch was moving a little.
Raymond raised himself up and then he stood on the branch.
He could feel the branch nubs through the soles of his kicks. They were the blue Converse that Chet had left behind. They were almost completely worn out.
They told him his brother was killed in a car accident but Raymond knew Chet died from a heroin overdose.
Raymond's mom blamed his Dad for Chet's death.
He felt the wind picking up and the clouds were starting to look like rain.
He bounced on the branch just a little.
He raised up his head and yelled as loud as he could.
The kids below heard him and were looking up.
"Hey kid, fuck you!" One kid yelled.
"Haha hey JUMP asshole"
Raymond hocked a loogie at them but it blew away.
The kids ran off yelling and laughing.
Raymond bounced some more, a little furiously.
Then he stared at the hill over by Stanley Ave.
"Fuck this."
He went back to the trunk of the tree and started climbing down.
'A dreadful storm blew the houses of the immigrants down a turgid hillside. The sun came through and shined on an upended car sunk nose first in the river."
"I hate creative writing."
"Why did you take that class?"
"Because Ms. Aarinen is hot."
"Where is she from?"
"I think she's from Iceland or Greenberg or something."
"Greenland? Where is that?!"
"Maybe near Sweden."
"Did you sign up to go to Six Flags?"
"Oh hell yeah, that's gonna be awesome."
"I heard some kids puked last year."
"Yeah they all drank four Lokos and tossed their cookies on that spinner thing."
"That shit's gross"
"We should totally get some."

Jeremy's dad left a twenty dollar bill on the table with a note.
'Thanks for being the best son a guy could have! Love, Dad.'
Jeremy pocketed the money and got his skateboard and went outside. He texted Riley and Kyle.
'at the park. come through'
He skated down the sidewalk and saw patrol cars with their lights flashing and a bunch of people.
Jen Williams came running up to him.
"Mr. Edgerton's got a gun and won't come out of his house!"
She ran off.
Jeremy texted Riley and Kyle.
'Some dude in my hood is holed up with a gun. Cops are allover.'
Riley texted back.
'Fuck that. Let's go get some DVD's.'
DVD's was code for weed.
'Fuck yeah'  Jeremy texted back.

Simon scraped the resin out of the bong and then lit it up. He coughed out a giant gasp of smoke.
"Fuck. That tastes like shit."
He put a Pink Floyd CD in the player.
James walked into the room.
"Dude, what are you smoking?"
"Smells bad. Let me hit that."
"Okay, here you go."
The song kicked in.
'As I reach for a peach
Slide a rind down behind
the sofa in San Tropez
Breaking a stick with a brick on the sand
Riding a wave in the wake of an old Sedan..."

"This song's cool."

Griffin's car was a piece of shit. It had a big rusty dent in the front side panel and the ragtop roof had been slashed by some fuckface when they were in the city. Fuckface had ripped the radio out and had fucked up the ignition trying to steal it.
"Obviously a fuckin amateur, huh Troy?"
"Just drive okay dickwad?"
Griffin had said okay to driving to the city again because Troy knew a guy who had the drugs.
"Okay, park here and don't leave or even talk to anybody."
"Yeah okay jeez."
"Nothing except I gotta piss!"
"Aw fuck, alright come with me."
They crossed the street and and approached a large brown brick apartment building.
A rusty iron sign said 'The Cromwell'.
Troy pressed the buzzer and they got buzzed in.
"Now don't fucking say anything stupid."

After the pit got filled in they didn't have nowhere to catch frogs.
Trey's mom said they were going to build condos. She said she hoped they didn't rent them out to Section 8 people, whoever they were.
Trey and Robbie used the frogs to catch bass. They would hook the frogs on their legs and added a couple split weights to the fishing line. The frogs would try to swim to the surface but the weights would pull them back down. This would attract the fish and they'd go for the frogs.
"Hey Robbie, yer dad's Section 8."
"Fuck you, asshole."

Somewhere, toward the back of the house someone had left a Remington over under.
Jimmy saw it on the way out and didn't even think about it, he just grabbed it.
"What are you doing with that?!"
"What do you mean? I took it."
"What are you going to do with it?"
"I'm going to shoot you fuckface, haha. Fucking drive!"
He looked at his phone. Emily had texted him. 
'Whats up? Still meeting tonight after band practice? I < 3  U.
That girl was nuts about him.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

He sighed with relief when he saw the car pull up.
"Did you get it?" the man in the car said.
"Yeah, yeah I got it."
"Okay, let me see it."
He handed him the bag.
"Okay, great, get in."
He opened the back door and slid in.
The car slowly pulled away and turned right on Lancaster.

Carol Jean's mom wouldn't give her no money so she said fuck it everybody has money and she broke into the Morrisons house because they were away on vacation. She took all Mrs. Morrisons' jewels and she found a hundred dollars in the jewelry box as well. She also peed on Mr. Morrisons football signed by Tom Brady. She thought Mr. Morrison was hot but he was such a dick at school. She was glad the signature was dripping off on to the floor. She wondered if they could trace her from the pee like on CSI:Miami. She wondered if she should clean it up. Then she said fuck it and kicked it as hard as she could. It smashed through a side window just as a patrol car was passing by. She peered out and watched the patrol car slowly make its way down Belleview and then it turned on Hollyhock. She grabbed her backpack and went out the back door.
The cremora was spilled all over the marble counter. In the living room the tv was still on. She looked through the house and found magazines torn up and thrown over the furniture. The screen door had been broken and was hanging from one hinge. The refrigerator was open and someone had spilled Diet Pepsi and lunch meat all over. Her jewelry box had been dumped on the bed and many items were missing. She dialed her husband's number at work.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The simple answer is he's a retard. Who would rob a liquor store with a hunting knife? The owner gave him the money and and then shot at him as he was leaving. I can't believe he got away. The bullet just grazed his head and the second shot missed completely. He was lucky Lala was driving. But he's still a retard. I think they spent all the money that same night.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"That's what you get for being a jerkstore!" She screamed.
I was confused.
"You mean, like a bag of dicks?"
"You mean, I'm like a bag of dicks?"
"Whaaat?! You're just one dick. One small stupid dick."
"I make lists all the time."
"Fuck you, DICKSTORE!"

There were like six of them in the family. I think one had died. Their parents were okay. The dad didn't say much but their mom was always yelling at them. They had guinea pigs that lived under the house. In the crawlspace. We used to catch them and they would be scared out of their little minds. They put food out for them. I don't know why the guinea pigs lived under the house. I think their mom said that's what guinea pigs liked. She probably didn't want to clean their cage anymore. They also had a big rabbit that would kick the shit out of your arms if you tried to hold him.
There were signs. I should of paid more attention. I thought everything would go smooth. It was all planned out. Rickey's cousin knew the watchman and we knew where he would be and at what time. There's no reason that stupid cop should of been there. That's just the way it goes sometimes. Fucker showed up and Larry lost his fucking balls. It was horrible. I could be in fucking Cancun right now with 80 or 100 thousand dollars instead of slinging this crap. I guess kitchen ain't so bad. I can eat all I want.
I couldn't care less. She's a fucking bitch and she deserved it. I moved all the way to Alpina. And then she cheated on me with her ex. I should still be in Huntsville. I had a good job down there. Now look at me. I'll be in here for thirty years. Am I sorry? I'm sorry she fucked up my life.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Her tiara was smashed under a patrol car tire. The red and blue lights were spinning against the walls. There were chalk circles drawn on the street and sidewalk around each spent cartridge. An overweight police detective was sipping hot coffee from a styrofoam cup and talking on his cell phone. The last ambulance had just left and it's siren could be heard in the distance. The sun was just coming up. I walked home and fell on the couch. The television was on and a blonde haired news reporter was interviewing the assistant police chief.  I turned off the tv and fell immediately asleep.
I didn't have a chance with her but I still wanted to go out with her. She was with her friends when I tried to talk to her. She acted like I had MERS or something. She made a weird face and all her friends tried not to laugh but they couldn't stop. She gave me her number but it was 867-5309. She was like, you got it,  you got it, and started laughing. I hate her now.
I wouldn't take his money. I don't give a fuck. He's a scumbag and he tries to buy people's love. My sister was probably smarter. She took his money and bought a bunch of cool stuff but she still hates him as much as I do. He drives that red VW bus around like he's some kind of hipster or hip guy but he's a creep who lies.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ramon Rodriquez's little brother, Sixto, was at a heavy metal show when the
police called him and told him his brother was dead.
They wanted him to come claim the body.
They said he had been murdered, shot in the head. Sixto hung up as the officer started to ask him questions.
"Chinga tu madre, pendejo asshole" he screamed
His girlfriend said
"What is it?"

After Jamie's brother died
   her mom stopped doing pretty much anything
 except watching tv and sleeping
her dad's checks came in the mail and her mom had her
deposit them in the atm
 jamie cooked mac and cheese
and bought cokes and sprite
after wearing dirty clothes for three months
 she figured out how to run the washing machine and dryer
   she got in a fight with Alia Rabinowitz
about the Palestinians but she didn't even
know who the Palestinians were
or why she could care
Alia's parent left a message on the answering machine
 but her mom never listened to it 

Garci Crespo left Guadalajara in a hurry
 he pushed clothes into an old broken brown suitcase and ran out the door
 the first bus leaving was headed to
Mazatlan and he boarded
  he found a seat in the back, pulled his hat down,
and lit a cigarette
an old woman across from him gave him a dirty look
but he ignored her
  there was a bottle of mezcal in his pocket and the gun was in the other
he couldn't get the man's look on his face out of his mind
 the federales took him off the bus in Tequila
 and then drove him into a canyon, where they beat him and then shot him in the head

there was little or no reason
not to hate them
they just were stupid
  and obnoxious
  and it made youannoyed
but it was just the way it was
  you tried to ignore it as much as possible
and wish you didn't
but there it was
he tore his pants on the funicular
  and told he me hated that stupid movie
you know with the fuck face who rides around in a Mercedes-Benz
  and Kurosawa was an over rated bore
the tentacles of the octopus were being chopped at the market
 I couldn't drink any more
  I know I was supposed to believe him but
it seemed like so many
 anyway his girlfriend was hot

the broken
candy ass faced girl
was puking in the living room
her mom
threw seven cans of ginger ale
down the basement
and she left her bullwhip at your fathers house

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cleavage of the nascent transcript 

   Pre-Commercial Breeding of Perennial Bioenergy Grasses
An interjection used as expression of disapproval 

A metal or carbon fiber wallet

  its was Thespians as research the trust dating sea with Ribeiro deficit

a minor Enochian angel

  Communes of the Moselle department 

toxic oil syndrome


Saturday, June 06, 2015

the arrythmic
heart beat
of an attempt to go back
the squalid reminders
like a ring around the rosie
ashes ashes

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The ruins are  ALOFT
TIME brings winged monkeys upon us
You are not embracing Dorothy
You are not a wicked witch

The ruby slippers are oh so pretty
So why do you treat me  oh so shitty
If I had a brain  why I oughtaaaa

The holy mountain is high on acid
The guru left a plastic turd
If you were a hipster what is the answer
On it you should put a bird

Aqua Sunglasses
Aqua Sunglasses
Aqua Sunglasses
Free me from this boring place.

Aqua Sunglasses
Aqua Sunglasses
Aqua Sunglasses
I might go to OUTER SPACE

Please could you see if my
Time is mine Please could you see
If my time is mine

Dorothy had an affair with
The scarecrow
Auntie Emm was found in the basement cellar
And you were there and you  and you
Were there

I’ll get you my pretty!