Sunday, July 31, 2016

Saturday, July 30, 2016

New Glarus Farm & Feed

Now You See That Wasn't Me

the reasons:
1. time is backwards
               2. maple syrup grows on trees
                      3. poison oak can get on your balls
                         4. you can have everything you want
 5. white leather shoes
            6. an old working typewriter


Friday, July 29, 2016

Trippin mirror ballz
the freedom of variance
I balance between the canyon walls
 I feel a slight breeze
    there's no sound
 until I hear my heart
       a voice in my head says
 there's tomorrow and then there's tomorrow
   but that voice never gets it right
 so I ignore it
and deal with today

Hippy music!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


       the barrier of sirens
                the folly of regard
                            the antidote to hate
                                     the signs on the wall
                                            Do no...
                                                  please don't shoot mr
                                                         get off my lawn
rock salt wedding
    I love you

Monday, July 18, 2016

Desperado pill box hat
       you squeak
 when you walk
           do you know where I can get some pantyhose
              Rexall I believe

the bats are out early tonight
   they eat the bugs
    but not enough
      we wade into the water
 to baptise the sun
    as it goes down
(jackrabbit poser boy
leaning on the steady rail)
         trains don't stop here captain
    yeah well i'm not looking to go anywhere
   well go fuck yourself then
Breakfast minuets
 cadavers in the hall
  the kids keep playing
 we eat steak tonight
 warriors we fool ourselves
  the tv is always on

they were in the vineyard at 2 am talking
    I'm not sure what they were talking about
            There was a large portal gate to the garden
   I went back to sleep in my van
       someone started their car and the brake lights lit up the ceiling of the van
driving at this hour? he could barely... oh well he levitated
     azure sky
 azure blue lake
        it couldn't get any better
but then it did
creatures breathe
some times they melt
 I would melt
   but I'm watching fog banks
if you reach the Mississippi you've gone too far
(instructions for leaving)
   I'm in bed wearing a fleece and drinking hot green tea in a glass
          I should be on the phone
oh nevermind

Friday, July 15, 2016

thistleberry socks 
   worn inside out 
for protection 
                   of mites 
             and radar-based 
                                        (said sincerely)
   the bandaged arm 
of Justice
                                          speaks from the elbow
      "No funny bone erasure protocols" 
                                                                     the translation may be slightly off as I don't speak Justice Elbow but 
 the willingness is not even a thing 
                                               so we'll check our phones 
             for your text and reply
 in due course

the frozen mile
 is a flower that smiles
          the remaindered paperback of your years
                       spent in cages
                                the lion
is in your thoughts
          i heard it roar
             i don't really know
                           i'll bet you half a ham and pickle
   forget it
          pass the rhododendrons
    we'll arm ourselves
   like the police
        the flower that smiles
               with bullets
       time bruised you
                    but it was all in good fun
  we'll trade one reality
     for fifty others
         one buick for
     a peach
             one dollar for
 a thousand