Saturday, August 27, 2016

 The return
Of your soul
From whatever devil
Stole it
 I understand
It's all relative
  But that might just be
One or more
 Of them
  Or not
Say what you will
  "People do what they do."
She said
 And I couldn't agree more
But that's a Wednesday morning
Way of looking at things
  And it's not yet Saturday morning,
It's really all about New Jersey
Or maybe some patent office in Lucerne
  Time and tide
 And all that
   Some day they'll invent space travel
Where everybody ages the same
Like Star Trek
The relative time train
What train are we on
Time trains going every possible direction
 Betty and Barny Hill
   Met a conjunction, an anomaly,
An anomalic protrusion, occlusion
 And I can see it
The skies here
Seem somehow perfect for it
  Did I get derailed here?