Monday, August 15, 2016

Emiko's name got changed to Wilma on the big Island after Pearl Harbor
  Most Hawaiian born moved back to Hawaii but one Japanese guy liked the skiing too much here in the states
  There was no beer drinking in the matsuwa food court
 Nor nigori sake drinking
In the am we chopped down the bamboo
That was blocking the stairs
And the bridge
  No one noticed
Then we got in the Camry and drove
Across the bridge to the Cloisters
  But no one was ever cloistered there
 John D Rockefeller bought a ships worth
of medieval columns, buttresses, mouldings, stone relief carvings, tombs,
reliquarires, tapestries, paintings, chalices, sculptures, and
various other sundry what not and built a beautiful medieval cloister on the banks of Hudson rive near the George Washington bridge (which is a year older than Miko).