Friday, August 12, 2016

Mercury advances
Swift carrion of a day
   Purple eyed
     And water tower stories
"There was one just like that next to the house"
 "I want to live in a water tower." I said
"I'll put windows in."
  "Do what you want." she said
     As she drew
Her grandfathers painting in the Whitney
   Purple lips
    Danny Lyon
Was there in a photograph
The only one I looked at
 Too tired
    And mercury was calling
"Come out in the heat"
"We'll walk the highline but don't
Give money to the panhandlers."
  We went to the gypsy cafe
She was 95 and she had the waffles
They looked good
Somehow her American Express card
Got lost
  Mercury hadn't touched it
We searched the underground parking lot
  The old greek attendant smiled and
Told me to put out my cigarette
"Yes, yes I will!"
 We left the store
I bought a pin
It said