Monday, February 02, 2015

Beer O Wulf wrenched open the car door and pushed a bunch of junk from the driver's side of the front seat. A one legged GI JOE, an empty Mickey's BIGMOUTH, and a ceramic wizard pot pipe rattled to the car floor.
"Oh that's where that went."
He picked up the pipe and eyeballed the chamber.
He flicked his orange Bic lighter and put the flame to the pipe while lifting it to his chapped lips. He took a long hit and the smoke expanded dramatically in his lungs.
"B-B-B-BUHHHHHHH huuuuuuuuHAA  hu HAP GHAP GA HAP !!!"
"OH Shit. Oh well, don't get off unless you cough."
"Okay, yeah, let's see. Where were we? Oh yes."
He slid into the car and pulled the choke out just slightly.
"Here goes."
He turned the key and simultaneously started pounding the gas pedal with his right foot.
The engine was turning over but wouldn't catch.
"C'mon BABY!"
He pounded faster and the engine started with with a boom.
"There we go. Phew."
He kicked the Mickey's BIGMOUTH to the other side of the front seat and set the one legged GI Joe on the dashboard. At one point his girlfriend, ex-girlfriend rather, had sewn up Joe's pant leg to the knee on the short leg.
Beer O Wulf reached under the car seat and found a box of cassette tapes. Most of them were mix tapes Beer O Wulf had made from albums. He found a tape of Sly & the Family Stone and jammed it into the cassette deck.
""Everybody is a star-har"
He sang along as he put the car into gear and started to roll down the long gravel driveway.