Thursday, February 12, 2015

the poison 
                                             a misnomer



        where's the cane sugar?

                   don't stare at the light 
                                                        is this your guitar?

What did the devil look like?

                                                       the  easy rider died along the road 

some people play in open A 
and capo on the second fret 


clean on in to Tennessee

  we'll get your picture taken at the drugstore               

you can make a slide from an old Mateus Rose bottle                                

he showed me his tremolo technique

                                                     it was very clean 

                                                         use the thumb as the anchor, 
the pivot               

                              you see? like that

try not to bang it against the neck                                          
 you can mimic the melody 

                               see? you better come on 

                                                                           in my kitchen

it was at the Dockery Plantation 
                                                                     not Webb Jennings
that was 

old Tommy Johnson

 the one who really sold his soul
   the poison bottle 


                      John the Conqueror root 

rub that root boy

    or maybe it was the

                                                           Star of the West Plantation 

They carried him to Tush Hog’s house                                                     

he was told to bury him

                                                Rosie Estridge said no you wait and went and got Jack Star

     she called him Jack Leg Preacher




that bottle's no good 

I got women in Vicksburg 
    clean on in to